Michael Daut (principal, Michael Daut Productions) is an award-winning immersive media specialist and independent writer/producer/director in Los Angeles, CA. Michael brings a wealth of experience within the giant screen cinema, theatrical, 4D immersive, and digital fulldome industries. He most recently served at Mousetrappe, an experience design and production studio. For over 20 years at Evans & Sutherland, he was instrumental in developing a library of digital fulldome shows. Michael’s current clients include K2 Studios, a giant screen film production and distribution company, Sotto Studios, an experiential solutions agency, and Moodswings, LLC, creators of the visual music show Mesmerica, playing in digital dome theaters across North America.


He has a BA in Media Communications with a video/film emphasis from Webster University, where he also served as an adjunct professor. He created the world’s first digital fulldome film for SIGGRAPH ’99 in Los Angeles. He also helped create the world’s first digital fulldome transfer of a giant screen film, Africa the Serengeti, in 2007. Because of this groundbreaking first step, there are now over 60 giant screen films converted to fulldome digital. He also produced the first two 8K Digital Dome Demos for Giant Screen Cinema Association and co-produced 2016’s True8K digital dome event and 2018’s HD Digital Camera Comparison with members of the GSCA Innovations Committee.

Michael is a member of the Producers Guild of America, a founding member of the Association of Fulldome Innovators, a member of the Telly Awards’ Silver Council, a board member of the Giant Screen Cinema Association, and a board member of IMERSA.org, the Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science and Arts organization dedicated to raising the visibility of immersive media across a variety of disciplines throughout the world.

Immersive Media Credits

Writer/Producer/Director – We Take You There, 1999

Producer – It Happened in New York for Madame Tussaud’s, 2000

Producer/Director – Wonders of the Universe, 2000
(narrated by Cory Burton)

Producer/Director – New Horizons, 2001

Writer/Producer/Director – Microcosm: the Adventure Within, 2001

Producer/Director – Cosmic Safari, 2002
(narrated by John de Lancie)

Producer/Director – Universe, 2004

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Stars of the Pharaohs, 2004
(narrated by John Rhys-Davies)

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – The Future is Wild, 2004
(narrated by John de Lancie)

Producer/Director – Secrets of the Sun, 2005

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Mystery of the Christmas Star, 2005

Producer/Director – Maunakea: Between Earth and Sky, 2006

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Seven Wonders, 2007
(narrated by Sean Bean)

Producer – StarLife, 2007 (Presented to HRH Queen Elizabeth II)

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Invaders of Mars, 2008
(narrated by Tom Baker)

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Ice Worlds, 2008
(narrated by Emily Watson)

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Violent Universe, 2009
(narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart)

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Secret Lives of Stars, 2011
(narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart)

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Lamps of Atlantis, 2011
(narrated by Terry O’Quinn)

Producer – Experience the Aurora, 2011

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Ancient Skies Ancient Mysteries, 2012

Producer/Director/Co-Writer – Robot Explorers 3D, 2012
(narrated by Brent Spiner)

Writer/Producer/Director – Tianjin 4D Medical Series, 2013-2016

Producer – Cosmic Adventure, 2014
(narrated by Nancy Cartwright)

Producer – Edge of Darkness, 2016
(narrated by Hayley Atwell)